Food Review: Cobra Dogs

Cobra Dogs, it’s more than food, it’s a lifestyle. When in Government Camp Oregon for the summer your dinning choices are extremely limited but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Rider owned and operated, and no I’m not talking about a snowboard shop, Cobra Dogs is your answer to diners block. From a distance you may suspect a simple hot dog stand but don’t let the owners or employees overhear you uttering such blasphemy. This is Cobra Dogs son, and the menu is equipped with something for everyone, including vegetarians and gluten free peeps as well. Enjoy a few laughs as you peruse the menu and discover witty entrees like the Brattlesnake Brat or Cheddaconda. Contemplate the vast array of toppings available with refreshing picks like cream cheese or bacon bits in addition to the timeless classics like sauerkraut and jalepenos, and if man enough… Cobra Sauce. Even better just keep it simple and proudly proclaim Cobra Style to any one of the tasty looks you’ve settled on. Next you can quench your thirst with a full list of slushies and add optional Viper Juice if you feel like experimenting, not for the faint of heart. Branching out even further beyond typical hot dogs stands Cobra Dogs has a large selection of quality soft goods and other merchandise to round off the whole experience to once again solidify themselves as a superior dinning establishment to would be competitors trying to survive on a broken business model. They’ve got the market in the cobra clutch. Kick back and listen to Matty Mo’s comedic approach to quality customer service as he helps you navigate the endless possibilities of dog-to-topping combos. The Unit usually likes to hook up one or two dogs per person per session and stew it down with a game of skate right out in front on the mean streets of Govy. The Don’s pick is the Very Veggie with double extra jalepenos and Sriracha keeping it respectable but still with some snap. Cobra Dogs gets 4.5 out of 5 chins just missing a full 5 chins due to the fact that I have to travel all the way to Mt. Hood to get my fix in and that’s usually just once a year. Franchise anyone? See you next session.


Jones and Hobbs trying to curtail the excitment.

Decision of a lifetime.

Matty Mo on his grind.

Hook up son so he can hook up some more of this.

The secret?

Choose wisely.

Jones stays his gluten free course while still partaking of the swine.

Hobbs gets it in.

The quickening.

Simon knows how to handle any carcass based food product.

A frog eating a cobra eating a dog.

Seth is no stranger to the brats either.

The goods.

Rep your set.

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