Food Review: Ekberg

Ekberg What can be said about the oldest restaurant in Helsinki? Obviously they are doing something right. A quant little cafe in the heart of Helsinki’s Ekberg has something for everyone. When you first walk in you will be greeted by an abundance of homemade pastries and dessert and you may even think this is just a bakery but only upon further inspection is when you get to the goods. The shrimp sandwich. A mountain of baby shrimp piled onto a poached egg with lettuce on a wheat bun with some kind of cream sauce, beast. It’s the Don’s pick for sure but usually only available for lunch which isn’t a problem because we come in so late on these trips our breakfast is their lunch. Start your day off with one, or two, of these for sure. If you are lucky enough to make it for breakfast or come on a weekend when breakfast is served later in the day you still wont be disappointed. The spread is bolts with the usual euro breakfast looks as well as some extra gems like sample sizes of there desserts, usually the cheesecake. Pierre took down multiple quiches of assorted flavors every visit while the rest of us handled business with the shrimp sandwiches. For dessert the cheesecake was a group favorite but I fell into a something called a kenya. A dark chocolate mouse thing with edible Ekberg branding on top. A good look but the best was a misty item called a bebe. Low key in the display case amongst the wealth of other treats I took a chance and tooled one up. They are little cookie biscuits with frosting on top but with a thin layer of some type of cream or custard between the frosting and the cookie. Your friends will laugh at you when the waitress announces your bebe and places it on the table but they will weep tears of jealousy upon your first bite. 4.5 out of 5 chins only because sometimes they get low on tea and I have to wait for another pot. Not a good look for the kid.

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