Real In The Field-Justin Eeles

Surprised I landed Justin for a Real In The Field interview? Not as surprised as he is. I hit him with a few question back at the first of the season but he never got back to me. That’s cool, you know me, gotta keep that blog updated. So without further delay, The elusive Justin Eeles.

How’s being back on the rail grind?

I hated it. Thanks goodness its over now. I think I came off pretty good though and had most the guys fooled that I could hang but I was second guessing my decision to work on those real snow videos

Are you already thinking about backcountry filming?

It’s on now. I’m taking pow runs tooling up fresh brewed coffee in the jet boil and ripping around on my sled on someone else’s dime. 

What are the biggest differences between filming pow and rails?

I can’t lay out on my sled and tan while I’m in the streets. Plus we only go out filming in the backcountry on sunny days so I get lots of time to chill and surf or fish. No rest in the streets because It’s sunny every day because of the fucking generator and lights.♦

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