Real In The Field-Ashley Barker

This was the first time a lot of us had worked with Ashley and she seemed to fit right in. Maybe just because she has thick skin and can take our abuse but more than likely because she secretly enjoys it. When the cops roll up send her over to take the heat and your session might get an extension. 

How’s does it fell to be sexually harassed everyday you go to work?

I feel loved. Any day I don’t get harassed, I feel neglected.

Do you feel responsible for the crew because we are in your home town?

Responsible?  Maybe a little for Pierre?  Jeremy said it best “Take off your art and put your gear on”. I don’t need a frozen man on my conscious and without Pierre there is no movie, so I feel somewhat responsible for his well being. Oh, and Sexton. He has a new girlfriend, and well let’s be honest, new gf’s are unpredictable.  You just never know how they are going to react if you send their booo home hurt, or like _ not at all. Everyone else on the crew has been hitched for a while and older than Me, so I don’t feel responsible for them. ‘Beasts’  Their wives  are used to the bruises and broken bones by now. It’s expected.

Will you ever travel or work with any of these guys again?

Simon is nice. Just kidding,  I hope so.  This unit has got there shit dialed.  I got a few flags, but I think I redeemed myself yesterday, so It’s really up to The Unit. Will I be Invited to work and travel with these guys again is the real question.

What is your motivation to stand out in -30˚F until 3am for a photo?

TIm Horton’s.  I’d prefer to support the little guys out there, and honestly Tim Horton’s tea isn’t even good, but their open 24/7 and tea tastes best when you have no feeling left on your outsides.♦

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